Well there went my post-every-two-weeks-ish plan.

With school looming on the horizon, it feels like the summer is over. I have to remind myself that we still have a month and a half left to swelter through.

(Oh let’s be real. Alabama doesn’t cool down until Thanksgiving, and sometimes not even then.)

So if I wasn’t writing brilliant blog posts in all my lovely-teacher’s-summer-free-time, what was I doing?

This summer was actually rather grand. The first month I competed in Query Kombat and came out the Middle Grade Champ. That was a pleasant shock, and I gained new friends along the way. Everyone says it because it can’t be said enough: the best part of competitions is the community. Even if you don’t compete in contests, you can meet so many great people just by floating on the fringes.

I also bit the bullet and drafted the MG mystery that had been floating around in my head for a while. Between juggling clues, suspects, and red herrings, I was a mentally disheveled mess by the end, but had a blast. (Except for the part when I realized I liked a red herring more than the actual mystery. Whoops.) And it’s a Southern summertime story, so what better place to lose myself the past couple months?

And now, after some much appreciated feedback, I’m back to revising Curious Curse. As discouraging as it can sometimes be, it’s also nice to be back among my favorite characters. In some ways revising feels like encouraging your best friend to be more out-going. “Come on – I know you have a great personality. We just have to show other people how amazing you are.”

Ok, maybe I’ve been revising too much. >.<

Back to lesson planning.

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